Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sindrom Yuppies

What is Yuppies?
Yuppie come from the abbreviation YUP, which stands for Young Urban Professional.

What drive Yuppies?
* A good job with the good pay
* A good environment of workplace
* A good employment package
* A good position with fast track transition
* Superior performance on the job

* Able to focus on imparting managerial skills to help build ability to compete with other people with the young age

* Job satisfactions is crucial
* Easily get bored with the routine job
* Always look other opportunity to embark the career development
* Find the best among the best & condusive environment workplace

Possible Treatment

That’s what im having now ???? GOSH !!!!!

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romibaiduri zahar said...

sindrom ini memang selalu melanda....
sabar jela